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Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent Care located in Dallas, TX

At Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, we believe that it is important to have a pharmacy partner that you can rely on as part of your complete health and wellness care.  With Aldridge Pharmacy, your prescription(s) can be delivered to you.   Our goal is to offer convenience so that you won't have to drive to another pharmacy, wait in line, or deal with a pharmacy provider who isn't familiar with your medical situation.  You can always call them at (214) 943-2322

Pharmacy Q&A

What are the advantages of a pharmacy partner?

The advantage of a pharmacy partner is to offer a convenient method for urgent care situations.  When you are injured or sick, we want you to be able to get your medication(s) as soon as possible so that you can begin the recovery process.

We work as a team to help you stay healthy.  When the pharmacy partner has questions or needs to clarify anything about your health, they have immediate access to your prescribing physician.   If you have questions or concerns about drug interactions, how to take your medications, drug side effects, or any other aspect of your medication, the friendly pharmacy team will be happy to take the time to discuss your questions and explain what you need to know. 


When should I schedule my refills at the pharmacy?

Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic wants our patients to stay healthy, and a local pharmacy, Aldridge Pharmacy has partnered with us to deliver your prescriptions to you after the conclusion of the visit if you choose.   They stand ready to serve you and accept your prescription transfer from another pharmacy if you choose.   Please feel free to call them directly at (214) 943-2322 for your medication needs and refill requests.     

It is important to note that you should try not to wait until you are on your very last pill or completely out of your medication(s) before contacting the pharmacy.   As you know, medications need to stay at a stable level in your bloodstream to give you the full health benefits, so calling the pharmacy at least a few days ahead of time to alert the pharmacy that you need a refill is a good way to avoid these issues.


What is a pharmacy?

By traditional definition, a pharmacy is a place where you can fill medication prescriptions. Pharmacies dispense medications according to your doctor’s specific instructions. But, at Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, the pharmacy care goes well beyond the standard services. 

The practice has a pharmacy partner to give you access to the full spectrum of pharmacy services and medical care.