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CT Scans Specialist

Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent Care located in Dallas, TX

With more than 80 million computed tomography (CT) scans per year in the United States, there’s a good chance that you might need this specialized type of X-ray at some point. At Marsalis Avenue Family and Urgent Care Clinic, experienced physician Dralves Edwards, DO, and the team offer CT scans conveniently in the Dallas, Texas, office. Book your appointment online or call the office for help today.

CT Scans Q&A

What are CT scans?

CT scans are imaging tests that combine a series of X-rays with computer processing. This creates pictures of the inside of your body, including bones and soft tissues. 

A CT scan produces 3D cross-sectional images, allowing for detailed views of your body’s internal structures.

When might I need CT scans?

There are several reasons that you might need CT scans, including diagnosis of:

  • Fractures
  • Tumors
  • Joint problems
  • Internal bleeding
  • Excess fluid
  • Blood clots
  • Heart disease
  • Emphysema
  • Pneumonia

Doctors also use CT scans to guide some types of surgery or procedures like radiation therapy.

How do CT scans work?

For some CT scans, you may need to take contrast material, a type of dye that highlights the specific areas the scan focuses on. Contrast material shows as a bright white shade on images, so it’s helpful in identifying blood vessels or other specific areas inside your body.

If you need contrast material, you’ll generally take it orally (for stomach or esophagus scans), through injection (for urinary tract, liver, blood vessel, or gallbladder scans), or by enema (for intestinal scans). 

During a CT scan, you’ll lie on your back on a flat exam table. When the CT scan exam starts, the table slides into a tunnel. It’s very important to stay still during this time, as moving can prevent clear image capture. 

The exam usually takes around 10-30 minutes total. The image capture is a painless process.

After taking all the images, the table slides out of the tunnel and you’re done with the CT scan.

What should I do before CT scans?

Marsalis Avenue Family and Urgent Care Clinic provides instructions before your CT scan. Your exact preparation depends on the area in question. Some people may need to fast for several hours ahead of the CT scan. 

Also, remove all metal objects prior to your CT scan. You’ll typically change into a hospital gown for this test. 

What happens after CT scans?

After your CT scan, you’ll receive results fairly quickly because the test happens in the Marsalis Avenue Family and Urgent Care Clinic office. The team explains what your results mean and what kind of treatment approach would be best for your situation and needs. 

For CT scans conveniently in your urgent care facility, call Marsalis Avenue Family and Urgent Care Clinic or click on the provided link now.