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Other Important Insurance Information


What happens if my insurance cannot be verified?

Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic has a digital solution that is able to verify your insurance in real-time.


If you have insurance that Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic does not participate in, you will be responsible for full payment of all services at the time they are rendered. As a courtesy, our Billing Office will file a claim with your insurance. If any portion of your visit was covered, you will be sent a refund.



At Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, we do not see Medicaid patients who request to pay cash. Doing so shows the “ability to pay,” and may result in the loss of Medicaid coverage.



Please be aware that some, and perhaps all, of the items or services that you receive may not be a covered benefit under your insurance plan. You will be responsible for payment, in-full and at the time of service, charges for any non-covered items and/or services. Medicare patients may be required to provide an executed Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN).



Diagnostic testing, such as laboratory testing and imaging, may need to be performed at an outside facility, such as the hospital, or independent lab like Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp. These facilities have their own physicians/independent practitioners, (i.e. radiologists, pathologists, etc) who provide the clinical interpretation of your tests. Likewise, these facilities and their physicians or independent practitioners operate and bill independently from Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic. They establish their own fee schedules, payment policies, and insurance contracts. Some insurance companies have a preferred lab and/or imaging facility that their insured must use, and failure to utilize the preferred facility, may result in a larger out of pocket expense to you. It is your responsibility to know if your insurance company is contracted with has a preference.


In compliance with the recently enacted Patient Protection, Affordable Care Act and the Stark Law, Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic must inform you that there are other options pertaining to laboratory, diagnostic, and radiographic services. Specifically, it should be noted that you have presented to Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic voluntarily for your medical needs and that as part of the evaluation of your condition and any required treatment, the physician on duty may determine that laboratory, diagnostic, and radiographic tests may be needed. Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic offers many of these services on-site as a convenience to our patients. If any patient would like to have their laboratory or radiographic services provided at another location, we can provide you with a list of nearby locations. Due to government laws and policies, Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic is not able to accept payment for laboratory, radiographic, or other ancillary services from Medicare, Secondary Medicare Plans, or Medicaid. If you have Medicare or Medicaid as your primary or secondary insurance, it is your responsibility to inform the staff of Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic of this so that we may explain this law and its ramifications in more detail to you.