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We will send a statement to the billing address that you provide notifying you of any balances you may owe. Payment in full is due upon receipt of the statement. Patient balances not paid in full within 30 days of the statement issue date are deemed past due. You can also pay your medical bill online through our secure online bill pay portal, Online Bill Pay.

If you have any questions or dispute the validity of the balance, it is your responsibility to contact Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic in-person at 4498 S. Marsalis Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216, by telephone at (214) 432-1450, or by email at between 9:00 am – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday within 30 days after receipt of the initial statement.



Typically, we do not make payment arrangements. In the event you have a balance remaining after insurance has paid or if they deny the claim, the balance is due in full; however, if you are unable to make the full payment, you may call us at (214) 432-1450, to make arrangements to bring your account current.



If your account is past due or has been turned over to a collection agency and you want to be seen, you must pay the past due balance in full, as well as any current charges for which you are responsible. We reserve the right to refuse service to you for non-payment.



If your account is turned over for collections to a third-party collection agency, or if a past due amount is reported credit bureaus for late payment, non-payment, or charge-off, the record of the patient visit may become public record. Failure to maintain financial responsibility may cause you to forfeit your right to confidentiality.